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Tom Attard

Owner, Lead Designer

Founder and owner, Tom Attard is a 4th generation Montanan "junk- artist", who believes making something out of nothing, is the only sustainable way of life in Montana.  Values of integrity, conservation, ingenuity, creativity, and hard-work have been imparted for generations. Tom's Great-grandfather, Wesley McDonnell, pulled quarter-sawn oak rocking chairs, out of the Choteau Montana landfill, to make custom fiddles, using hand-drawn plans. Tom's unique Montana heritage has fostered this same spirit of creativity and ingenuity, that is still alive today, in BC Designs. Being an artist first, and a woodworker and carpenter second, sets Tom head and shoulders above the competition in the areas of design. His "can do" spirit makes problem solving and adaptation easy during all phases of construction. Tom's value of relationship guarantees each client receives the best treatment possible. 


Todd Auch

Project Manager

Hi there. My name is Todd, Project Manager for Burly Man Creations. Even as a kid I always loved building and renovating. I spent hours and hours in my dads garage using spare pieces of wood to build anything and everything I could. Something about taking something broken or useless (like a piece of wood and old broken book shelf) and making into something beautiful and purposeful has always given me great joy. Construction and wood has been my avenue for that.

I learned basic framing, plumbing and electric skills from my dad (a true Jack of All Trades). My earliest experiences were helping my dad build pole barns, tackle home remodels, and make renovations to buildings on our farm. In college I spent time in both Minneapolis and Detroit working construction, primarily framing and home remodels. Having lived in Missoula that last 8 years, I am thrilled to get to work here for the people of Missoula. Both Missoula and Missoulians have a ton of character, making it a perfect spot for creative and passionate construction.

Outside of work I love spending time with my wife, two boys, and little girl. Family and Faith and primary for me. As a family, we love going to parks, swimming, reading, and watching movies. Personally, I find rest in reading, hiking, martial arts, and anything Marvel.


Hazel Attard

Apprentice Carpenter

Hazel started working with her father Tom in the spring of 2019, as her first job, after telling him she wanted to learn how to be a builder.she was asked to go through the entire extensive interview and hiring process to create the best learning experience. She passed all the requirements with flying colors including creating her first resume, having a formal interview, and providing three personal and three professional references. She got rave reviews from Oliver babysitting clients. Hazel is an honor roll student, starting the fall of 2019 as a sophomore at Hellgate High School. Starting the fall of 2019 she will be accepting a position as a teacher's assistant in the English department. Besides aspiring to be a builder Hazel enjoys, swimming in any local body of water, bowling, downhill skiing, video games, and listening to 90s rock. An active teenager with diverse interests Hazel has completed several 5K races, as well as a 10K, played six years of YMCA soccer, and has backpacked in the Bob Marshall.