Burlyman Portfolio


New Home Build

The Purdum home is a custom-designed modern farmhouse at its best. With views of the rattlesnake wilderness, from the second-story inset Brazilian-Ipe deck, this home really takes your breath away. This home features custom woodwork, hand sketched by the Burlyman himself and done with reclaimed wood including a 120 year old circular sawn oak beam from Tennessee and cedar snow fence from a mountain pass in Wyoming.

Specialty finishes like the shiplapped fireplace with built-in cubbies and the handmaid rod iron railing, make this house a new level of unique. Each of these special elements was hand-sketched for the customer before their creation.

Having a designer for a builder makes your dreams come to life. Burly Man Creations passion for giving old new life let us to reuse an almost hundred-year-old, half-light door, rebuilding the jam and re-mortising the hinges to fit the pantry opening. Burly Man Creations is one of the few builders willing to go the extra mile to create one-of-a-kind custom reclaimed designs for your new home or remodel. 


Commercial Rooftop Deck

The Source rooftop deck represents a dream project for Burlyman Creations. BC was asked to participate in the design phase to create specialty woodworking finishes to make this deck truly one-of-a-kind. From the multi-species patterned benches to the reclaimed wood yoga deck, everything in this project was specially designed by Burlyman Creations. The deck features a river pattern grouted and stained into the surface to represent the two rivers that converge in Missoula. The Clark Fork River comes rushing through full of energy while the Bitterroot lazily meanders its way with twists and turns. This combination of strength and rest were the perfect representation of the purpose of this rooftop deck at the Source Gym. The sun sail system, suspended from 8 by 8 steel beams sets off the entire project, giving it the feel of a ship at sea. This space is truly one of the Burlyman’s favorite places on Earth. Views of Mount Sentinel and Lolo Peak frame the sunrise and sunset over the treetops of Missoula. At 4,200 square feet, and weighing in at 26,000 pounds, this deck is larger than many homes and has room for any event. This project was a truly colossal undertaking to complete on time and under budget.


Coffee Shop

Zootown Brew was truly a labor of love, designed and built for friends. After years of working with these clients, their trust in the Burlyman eye for detail and design had grown so large, that when their manager, who was heading up the remodel, got married and left his honeymoon, he told me "Tom, do whatever you want, I know it will be amazing. My only request is that you don't call me." 

It was the perfect time to finally purchase and use reclaimed wood from a 100 year old apple barn that had stood on a friend's property in Stevensville. This wood still retains the live lichens from years of exposure, giving it a highly varied tone. All aspects of the remodel, including the coffee bar, stage, hand made railing, and raised seating platforms were specially designed and built by Burlyman Creations. Even the furniture, such as the tables, stools, and countertops were designed and built by Burlyman Creations. Faux-aged Circular Sawn Douglas Fir, from Hunt's timbers in St Ignatius, Montana, make up many of the furnishing in the Brew. 

The best part was the bonus they gave Burlyman at the end, "Free coffee for life." I now refer to Zootown Brew as "My other office" But it truly became a home away from home. 


Commercial Meeting Space

When the owners of OnX Maps, Eric and Jenn Sigfried, invited me to a design meeting for their new building, their one question was "What would you do to make our building cool?" Which is, in fact, the perfect question to ask the Burly Man. I began sketching ideas on the spot which would become the OnX lobby, break room and company meeting space. The OnX Maps lobby marries two of Burlyman Creations greatest loves: wood and mountains. This m multi-species mountainscape mural depicts the Mission Mountain skyline, my favorite mountain range. 

The OnX break room features booth seating, made from live edged beetle killed blue pine from the east front of the Rockies, and finished with cedar snow fence from a mountain pass in Wyoming. 

The 3-tiered circular stadium seating is constructed from 103 year old circular sawn fir, sourced from the deconstruction of the Missoula Mercantile building. Each of the six sections are movable and reconfigurable to serve as a company meeting space or as a bar for entertaining.